Takht Lahori

            - An environmentally friendly public transport solution forLahore

  • Lahore is Pakistan’s second largest city in terms ofpopulation, and due to its rich culture and history, is widely recognized asits beating heart. In fact it was over 400 years ago, in Akbar’s reign, thatLahore touched the zenith of its glory, becoming the capital of the Mughal Empire,and taking up the name, “Takht Lahori”,meaning “Lahore; the throne”. 

    However, the present day Lahore is also Pakistan’s mostpolluted city, and has severe traffic congestion issues due to a complete lackof quality public transport. Therefore I have designed an articulated, highcapacity, zero emission bus - called “
    TakhtLahori”  - to solve some of thecity’s traffic and air pollution problems. 

    The bus is exclusively powered by its in-wheel motors, whichreceive energy from the Lithium-ion batteries that are charged either by the bus’3D photovoltaic panels, or a regular A/C plug. The wheels also feature anactive suspension and regenerative braking; which in Lahore’s stop-starttraffic could help it achieve up to 90% energy efficiency. Anotherrevolutionary feature of the design is its ‘Active Bumper’, which provides thebus with what is effectively a mechanical, airbag powered crumple zone on itssides. 

    As for the visual design of
    Takht Lahori, I have taken inspiration from Mughal era designelements while trying to still give the bus a futuristic, hi-tech look. One ofthe methods to achieve such a balance was to use the traditional elements asinspiration for the form of the bus’ various elements as well as overall designrather than adorn its surface with ornate Mughal patterns. An example of thisis how the shape of the bus from its front view is directly inspired by theMughal throne’s shape, while not replicating the throne’s ornateembellishments. Overall, Takht Lahoriis envisioned as a public vehicle that could help solve many of Lahore’straffic and pollution problems while also becoming a modern cultural symbol thatpaves the way for a cleaner, more efficient Lahore - while still paying homageto its glorious past.