246 Baker Street

  • As part of my package design class, we were asked to create a brand and design several packaging materials for the brand. I chose to create a line of items for an artesan style cafe and bakery, titled 246 Baker Street. The brand focuses on an old-world dining experience combined with modern, clean aesthetics.
  • Several of the pieces feature photographs of the ingredients, rather than the final product, highlighting the experience of the creation of the food. One of the focuses of the brand is spending time with people you value, and cooking together is a memorable experience. 
  • The number in 246 Baker Street is derived from Acts 2:46, which says "They broke bread together, and shared their food with glad and humble hearts."
  • While some items are meant to be used and purchased in-store, some packaging items are meant for food to be sold elsewhere, such as the individual sandwich serving box.
  • The sandwich paper is slightly textured with wood grain to create a more tactile experience for the customer. A pattern created from the logo is printed on the inside, and can barely be seen from the outside.
  • Some items under the 246 Baker Street brand are sold for people to use in their own kitchens, expanding the user experience from the cafe to your own home.
  • I created a line of mugs that cater to individual tastes for coffee and tea. The average coffee or tea drinker likes their drink in a specific way, so each mug in the cupboard can correspond to its owner.