• Hunter Quaid, a time-travelling whiskey-drunk Chicago detective, will debut this May in Dark Horse Presents. Below is the pantomime pitch that won the contract, followed by some previews of the soon to be released tale of wonder and mystery and... yetis etc.
    A sweet interview with one of the creators lives here. It's an easy read, we make comics.
    Created by Donny Cates and Eliot Rahal
    Pencils and Inks by Melissa Curtin
    Colors by Lauren Affe

    Some work is published under my maiden name, Melissa Natalie Curtin, or nickname, Nat Kay

  • The original inks of this squid have been gifted to the writer. He surely cherishes it as a newborn babe.
  • This splash is featured in Dark Horse's official press release 
    as well as in other outlets like bleedingcool.com
  • An inked, unfinished page in the upcoming release. The colored, lettered version will hit shelves, as they say, in May.