Verismo System by Starbucks

  • The following is a campaign for Verismo by Starbucks. There are two outdoor elements and one magazine spread. The target audience is business professionals--age 22-50. They are in a daily routine and they definitely require their morning Starbucks. The strategy for this campaign is to convince these people that they can become like a trained barista in three buttons. Essentially, the Verismo system simplifies the user's daily routine by taking the stop at Starbucks out of their schedule, and it also simplifies the perceived complexity of Starbucks beverages. This campaign gives viewers confidence that they can make their favorite drinks at home, and they only need three buttons to do it.
  • Magazine Spread
    Barista training used to take three weeks. Now, it takes three buttons.
    Starbucks simplified.
  • Digital Outdoor Board
    The digital board shows consumers exactly how easy it is to become a barista by showing them step by step how their favorite drink is made. The board is interactive. The viewer presses the blinking button and it moves the drink making process along. This ‘trains’ the consumer to be a barista and shows how simple it is to make their favorite drinks at home.
  • Your favorite Starbucks drink is simpler than you think. Let's make your usual.
    (Green light blinks, prompting the viewer to press it and begin the drink making process.)
  • (drink begins pouring.)
  • Now, let's add your espresso.
    (espresso button blinks, prompting viewer to press it)
  • (espresso shot pours)
  • And your flavor.
    (viewer can select their favorite flavor)
  • See? Starbucks simplified.
    (their completed drink is shown)
  • Subway and Train Outdoor Boards
    For this element of the campaign, the boards illustrate how the Verismo simplifies your daily routine by comparing it to the time between stops on the subway or train. The boards are strategically placed next to maps, and explain how the viewer can make their favorite Starbucks drink in less steps than it takes to get to other stations around the city. All of them have essentially the same copy, only they are customized at every station depending on where it is.
  • Learn to make in-store quality espresso faster than the three stops to Jackson.
    Barista training used to take three weeks. Now, it takes three buttons.
    Starbucks simplified.