• Swell
    Collaborative Project with Fab.Lab. SCAD
  • On August 14th, the Digital Fabrication Club [fablab]_scad began its transformation of the Boundary Hall Gallery at the Savannah College of Art and Design. The students are creating a large scale sculptural installation using laser cut cardboard panel that were generated from a computer model in Rhino. This is the first of may collaborative efforts to come by this group.

  • The design of the digital fabrication installation began with two lines that manipulated the gallery space.  The contours were lofted to form a surface that would interact with the space.  The final surface was run through a grasshopper script to generate horizontal and vertical ribs.  The two sets of ribs were half-lapped together.  Each rib was broken down into sections that could be laser cut using an 18″x32″ bed.  Once the ribs were laser cut, they were glued together to create the whole rib.  Finally, the ribs were assembled together to allow for an installation to manipulate the built environment.  The objective of the installation was to maximize the space that it would occupy with the least amount of material and investigate the scale that could be cut using a 18″x32″ laser cutter.