Light Leather

  • These are all studies from my most recent venture, liberating leather from its usual connotations. The goal is to  renovate this material which is why I have used it to create a unique form of embellishment, in which volume and potential movement are woven into the textile. 
  • Double Sided Leather Olives.
    Laser Cut Leather, Bamboo, Hemp and Silk. 
  • Fluttering Suede.
    Laser Cut Suede, Silk, Cotton, Hemp and Bamboo. 
  • Leather Drops.
    Laser Cut Leather, Metallic Rayon Yarn, Bamboo, Novelty Silk and Wool Yarn. 
  • Varied Leather Eyelets.
    Laser Cut Leather, Metallic Rayon Yarn, Bamboo and Linen. 
  • Leather Drops and Eyelets.
    Laser Cut Leather, Cotton, Linen. 
    I am working on more studies, stay tuned!