Mr.Chips 100% Natural

  • Mr.Chips 100% Natural aimed to be recognized by Jordanians (mass) from all ages and classes as a natural potato product made from all-natural ingredients, so we launched an informative campaign.
    We made an informative campaign to explain what all-natural means and why Mr. Chips is the wise choice when it comes to snacks. Mr. Chips uses 100% real potato and ingredients.
    This campaign covered:

    -       Press ads.
    -       TVC.
    -       Outdoor.
    -       Mupies and lampposts.
    -       Magazines creative idea.
    -       Micro site.
    -       Web banners.
    -       DM (Sampling table).
  • English Press Ad 
  • Arabic Press Ad
  • Out Door
  • Danglers
  • Truck Branding 
  • Lampposts
  • Mupies
  • Wobblers
  • Creative Magazine Ad
  • Advertorial Ad
  • TV caption
  • Web Banner
    This campaign was done by Y&R Amman
    -       Creative Director: Emad Khayyat
    -       Senior Art Director: Mahmoud Alkhawaja
    -       Arabic copywriter: Naser Alkhalaileh
    -       English copywriter: Ola Shanata
    -       Account Handler: Rana Shammout
    -       Web Developer: Farehan Hamdan
    -       Animator: Akram Smadi