Globosat | App Store Optimization

  • Team
    Juliana Toledo - Information Architecture
    Marília Procópio - Visual Design

    Telecine Play
    Globosat Play

    Android, iOS

  • Problem

    One of the company’s goal for the semester was to improve store ratings by 15% for the Telecine Play app and by 30% for the Globosat Play app. At the time the ratings were something like:
  • Time was short and people needed a significant change fast. Our stronger hypothesis was that most of the people who bothered to go to the store and rate us was driven by dissatisfaction. Given a little push, our satisfied users would willingly give their opinion as well, raising our ratings.
  • Strategy & User Flow

    The most important decision to make was when to ask people to rate us. We couldn’t interrupt a video experience or ask users when they could be frustrated otherwise it would turn on us.
    When: Upon returning to the app, after the user had watched 2 full movies (by full movie we understood more than 90% of the media)

    As the Telecine Play app would be the first to test the hypothesis, we decided to make it quick. The first release was just a pop-up with the invitation to the store.
  • If the user hit the 'answer later’ button, the rule would start over, counting 2 full movies from this point. There was an option ‘Don’t ask me again’ too, which was definitive.

    Another way to focus on happy users was to ask first if he/she was enjoying the product so far. Then ask them if they were willing to go to the store. In case they weren’t satisfied, we built a suggestion form inside the app.
    When: After 5 sessions. It didn’t count when the session was finished by a crash or when it ocurred an error of any kind.

    Since the app review project for the Telecine Play app worked , we decided to go all in for the Globosat Play. The component was built in the middle of the home screen, without interrupting the user’s flow. Plus, we decided to include a shortcut for the suggestion form in the menu, so any user could help us improve our app.
  • If the user abandoned the questions midway, the component would just stay there. If he went either to the store or to the form, it wouldn’t appear again until the next major release.
  • User Interface

    Then it came the time to make it look nice so users wouldn’t bother so much our little intrusion. 
  • Results