How can technology and UX enhance the TV Experience?

  • Problem

    As UX Designers working for a TV Broadcaster company, it always striked us the challenge to enhance the video watching experience. We had a strong feeling on how technology had a definitive role to fulfill.

    Our task was to delight and inspire, showing conceptually how the future of TV could be like, given the right opportunities. The result of that study would be shown at an annual budget presentation.
  • Sketches

    Together the UX team went through a few ideation sessions, brainstorming and sharing different references. We went through:
    1. Multi screen/ split screen broadcasting, allowing people to choose the camera they want to follow;
    2. Live tips sharing where to buy an object (presenter clothes, makeup, objects that appeared at the show, kitchen utensil, ecc);
    3. Cuepoints in the video timeline, allowing people who turned on their TVs/Mobile devices in the middle of the event / program to go back to the highlights;
    4. Complementary information like lyrics for a concert, curiosities  for a film, ecc;
    5. Deeplink to other videos complementing what is being watched, like other news that help understanding the day’s headline, or other available episodes for a TV show.
  • UI and Prototyping
    The prototyping part was delegated to different teammates. I got the part to show keypoints in a video timeline, and how one could navigate through the highlights.