• Buck's Slapstick is officially out! Did a celebration pack design with Gilles Desmadrille @Buck. 
    It's fun to play with and it's free! Download it and give a try. It's available in Apple Store.

  • Some sketch
  • Slapstick is a new Augmented Reality app that lets you ‘slap’ animated stickers onto the world around you and add a little edge to your social posts. With themes ranging from “House Party” to the NSFW “Kinky,” there’s no shortage of ways you can stick it to boring. Best of all, it’s free, with new stickers announced on Instagram. So go ahead—slap that App Store button and go stick it.
    And if you enjoy getting slap-happy, please help us out! Tag your social media slaps with #slapstickapp so we can spread the sticky goodness.
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