We Are Optym Video

  • Produced by Optym Marketing Department 
    Direction: Sam Ahuja, Irina Shapiro 
    Script: Irina Shapiro, Kelly Larkin, Kelsey Wilkerson 
    Storyboard: Kelly Larkin 
    Production: Clifton Roberts, Kelsey Wilkerson, Tristan Ford Frower 
    Post Production: Clifton Roberts
    Special Thank You: Sarah Carmichael, Sarah Zeenberg, Matthew Beckham, Lusine Manucharyan, Christopher Das. Your insight was crucial to the outcome of the video!
  • Why do Optym’s employees smile all the time? It could have something to do with our company culture. Whether you’re a software developer, transportation industry expert, UI/UX designer, administrative professional or business analyst, you’ll feel welcome at any of our offices across the globe.

    Our marketing team was tasked with making a video to show off a different side of Optym, with a focus on people and company culture as well as representing all the diverse roles that exist within our company.
  • With a powerful, cheesy, people-centric script created, Optym's video team started the process of creating imagery that both captured what Optym does as a company and also reflects our fun, family-like culture. The team discussed at length what kind of visual effects and gags we could use. We also used existing footage of our teams doing what they do best: working hard!
  • Our process began with creating storyboards and an animatic. This allowed us to see which shots we needed and which shots we already had thanks to our tireless B-roll recording efforts.

    After that, we worked with our employees (no paid actors here!) to shoot all of the remaining footage we needed, along with many voiceovers to make the video authentic.
  • We wanted to really capture your attention as the video starts, not only with our beautiful campus but with a fabulous transition! One of our editors, Clifton Roberts, devised a custom rig to create the effect.
  • The engineers in our Haul team often enjoy having Nerf battles with each other, so it was only natural we would include it within our company culture video. While Kory did a great job shooting his dart at our camera, we helped him along a little bit with the magic of 3D and compositing. It also doubles as a fantastic transition!
  • Here is another breakdown of a similar effect. Tracking and replacing the ping pong ball here allows for Chirag to give us a perfect transition.
  • Working with our coworkers on this video resulted in some funny moments as we coached them on their lines.

    Did you enjoy the original video? There are actually four secret, nerdy Easter eggs waiting for you to find them. See if you can point them all out!