Improving Internal and External Collaboration

    Study Steelcase’s global collaboration process internally, as well as externally, with Dealers and Design Alliance (A&D) partners in order to identify how creative problem solving and design thinking tools and frameworks can offer solutions for their complex relationship and communication processes between their dealers and Design Alliance partners.

    The team identified an opportunity to facilitate a common understanding of the value proposition of each partner and generate a shared goal while building trusting relationships. To answer to this opportunity area, a workshop that brings together Steelcase, dealerships, and Design Alliance partners was created. This workshop brings together the three partners to build a common goal and to reflect on and analyze the performance of a past project in order to identify challenges faced and decide together how to overcome them in future projects.

    Contextual Research and Concept Development.

    Diverge: Team divided into internal group and external group to conduct research (interviews and observations), specific research on interests of each entity in sense-making and synthesis exercises.

    Converge: Internal and external teams, shared key findings and and aligned the opportunity spaces to identify an opportunity across three entities.

    Diverge: After understanding the problem, the teams designed collaborative solutions using several activities to brainstorm ideas and concepts that would answer the challenge. The process was iterative where concepts were
    developed and remodeled constantly.

    Converge: Evaluated the concepts developed according to the design criteria, tested and iterated. The team decided on a workshop that brings together the three partners and helps them create a common goal and align their value proposition.
  • Opportunity Spaces