Editorial updates

  • For New York times
    'Please Stop Merchandising Mental Illness
    There’s no way to make this pretty.'

  • For The new republic

    'The New Yuppies
    How the aspirational class expresses its status in an age of inequality.'
  • For The Atlantic
    ''Americans Don't Really Understand Gun Violence''
  • how gun violence impact on our usual life in the US
  •  the lack of money for research into nonfatal shootings
  • For The Atlantic
    'The Burnout Crisis in American Medicine'

  • For The Atlantic
    'Three Children, Two Abortions
    What a woman chooses to do with her body should not be up for debate in 2018.'

  • For LA Times, LA affairs 
  • For The national public radio

    'Breakthrough Pain Treatment Or Snake Oil? You Decide.'
  • For The Orange coast 
    'Pink Bathrobes & Good Neighbors: Generous gifts of time and deeds resonate this season'

  • For hire a helper
    'The Moving Checklist: Everything You Need to Know to Move'