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  • GRANOS Restaurant

    We saw a big gap in the Mumbai restaurant industry – where’s the Mexican food? In a city saturated with conceptual and casual restaurants, not one did justice to the easy take-away Mexican cuisine. GRANOS is here to inspire this industry with a true Mexican menu, adapted to attract the Indian palate. Using fresh and colourful graphics, we created the brand of GRANOS with it’s own distinct visual language. Keeping with our #FoodThatUnites, we want to make sure GRANOS is always bringing people together from Mumbai to Mexico City. 

    Granos is Spanish for grains—a quintessential part of both Mexican and Indian cuisines. GRANOS as a restaurant aims to adapt and introduce vibrant Mexican flavours to Indian tastebuds.

    The GRANOS logo is dynamic and fun. It doesn’t change itself but it changes clothes. Just like its mood-shifting colours that remain cohesive, customers can always expect perfection in the balance of Mexican and Indian flavours at Granos. 

  • Our inspiration for the visual design mainly comes from the quite literally colourful lives of the people living in India and Mexico. Somewhere between the vibrancy from Indian festivals like Holi to the boldly-painted residences of Mexico–we found our color scheme. The colour scheme went through rounds of trial and error before we had our final product. 

    The design of the dynamic logotype was based on the traditional hand-painted signs in both India and Mexico. We found ourselves drawn to the layered typography and how it adds to the legibility of these signs despite the colourful and at times chaotic contexts in which we see them. The challenging part that paid off was picking the right colors that would complement one another–creating our overall dynamic branding. 

  • Creative Direction: Jamie Kao & Mohini Khadaria
    Art Direction & Design: Jamie Kao
    Copywriting: Mohini Khadaria
    Logotype: Mohini Khadaria
    Illustrations: Stanley Chung
    Photographs: Online via Unsplash

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