Sight Society - Branding

  • Objective
    Recent studies have shown that drawing improves memory, helps with problem solving and overall builds a better understanding of the world. During the research phase of this project, drawing was found to be an important tool within the process of visual and non-visual professionals. People who don’t draw for a living do it to understand their problems. Currently there is this stereotype that only talented people can draw, but that is clearly not true. Every person has the ability to draw because it is an innate skill and not a talent.

    Sight Society’s concept is shown in the external manifestation of our imagination. The inner workings of our minds during the creative processes are being transformed into illustrations that are odd and playful. Sight Society’s designs, along with the colors were chosen to create a warm welcoming environment for its audience.
  • Logo + Mark
  • Brochure Covers
  • Brochure Spreads
  • Animations