Rae Clothing Brand

  • Rae is a clothing brand I created based upon my friend, Emily Spurlock http://emilyspurlock.com/. I used one of her patterns to base my logo off of, as well as including it in the tissue paper for the bag. 
    Rae is an upscale children's clothing brand geared towards professional parents of 0-12 yr olds. I created tags and a cut out bag for the line as well as a unique user experience.
    The user experience is a sort of game with the customer, that also shows their value to the brand. In each store (or region) a section of Rae will hold an exclusive in-store line inspired by the city the clothes are sold in. By having these pieces only sold in stores it encourages parents to go to multiple stores to purchase the look of the city for their child, perfect for the traveling parent.