The Adler Planetarium

  • "There is a unique love affair that exists humans and the sky. Our universe makes us feel small, it reminds us of our place in this life and in this galaxy. It displays its humble beauty through special celestial events. These events are uncommon, some never to be experienced again in our lifetime. These moments are precious and should be shared with someone you love. The Adler hosts exclusive "Star Parties" to view once-in-a-lifetime elestial events and meteor showers. As a member, we give you VIP access to see sky shows and exhibits that are as fleeting as shocking star. Share moments with the one you love."
  • "A night under your moon, stars, planets, and skyline is perfect for a unique date or stellar social gathering. Take in Chicago's award winning skyline as you and a guest sip on drinks from the bar or enjoy from Galileo's Cafe. Meanander through the Adler's current exhibits or view a sky or star show. Peek at Saturn's rings or Jupiter's red spot through the Doane telescope, the largest public telescope in the Midwest. As a member, you and your guest recieve discounts to this monthly 21+ theme party, "Adler After Dark." Take in the immensity of the universe. Together."
  • "Find yourself influenced with the feeling of discovery. It is the kind of love that exists for something much larger than yourself: a love for the unknown. Just as the universe is ever-expanding, as a memmber you and your gues recieve infinitely free admission to the musieum and the sky shows. Also, you can expand your knowledge with free admission to any ASTC science center and museums outside a 90 mile radius of the Adler. Adler members get the star treatment, recieving 15% off the Adler Store, 10% off in Cafe Galileo's , free coat check, and a member's only admission line. There is always a new sky to discover. Share the memorable ones with the one you love."
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