Concept Art_ Seoul NESSIUM

  • :: Seoul NESSIUM  (Concept Art) 

    Background Story

    NESSIUM - Floating power plant of the Han River
    It is late evening. The Nessium power plant floats in place in the Han River.
    The water flows into the disk-shaped power plant and is discharged back into the Han River. The power plant reflects the fountains and lights of the Yanghwa Bridge. There is an enlightening advertisement that says aliens have a good influence on us. This ad campaign started during the settlement phase of the alien civilization, a civilization who were once attacked by a dissident group of humans against alien migration.

  • Negotiation and Movement policy

     Globally, we are researching ways to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels used to produce energy. Human beings know that the environment is the most important factor for survival, so they are making continuous efforts. People are working to develop ecological energy such as wind power, solar energy, and hydrogen energy, but the pace of development is slow. As environmental pollution deteriorates our natural resources, it is difficult to negotiate indirect damages between countries.
     The aliens live on a planet with water like that of earth. As their planet's axis changed, the temperature slowly began to decline over a span of 200 years. The average temperature dropped to minus 100 degrees Celsius. Even though their planet has enough water, no one could live there anymore. Although climate change has destroyed the environment of their planets, their plans for immigration were prepared a 100 years ago as they hoped to discover a new planet. The aliens try to negotiate with humanity to leave their planet, but the aliens and humans discover that they need each other. Water is the basic requirement of alien and human life. They have great science-advancing skills in their society as humans have. As a starter, some aliens arrived on Earth and worked for two years to negotiate with humans. After a long discussion, aliens and humans agreed on a step-by-step negotiation that included a 20-year immigration policy.

  • Coexist

     In South Korea, the NESSIUM power plant was built on the Han River, which became a landmark in harmony with the surrounding environment. Human beings provided a place for aliens to live, and aliens provided advanced technology to protect humans and themselves. With the power of NESSIUM energy technology based on water, humankind and extraterrestrial civilization can coexist on the earth.

  • A New Independent Nation - NESSIUM power plant

     After two years of research, the practical effect of the NESSIUM plant was discovered, and then 20 years of immigration policy went into effect. On Earth, aliens and humans came to coexist peacefully as a new independent nation. The amount of energy produced by NESSIUM plants is equivalent to that produced by 83 nuclear power plants. NESSIUM is an eco-friendly and practical technology. This new power plant has reduced fossil fuel use to less than 8%. NESSIUM power stations in each country supply energy, and the enormous profits that they gain from power plants are the basis for their economies. The aliens have been rewarded for providing high technology to humans, so they can live without economic activity or with the financial support of the government.

  • Forms of humans and aliens

     Humans have heads, bodies, arms, and legs that are larger than the size of their brain, so they must have the necessary energy to move their body. The body of an alien is the size of a human head. To be precise, they possess fewer body parts and have only the brain.