The Art Of Imperfection | Condo Brochure Package

  • BASE Residences | Condo Brochure Package & Giveaway

    BASE is a concept apartment residence located in Shibuya, Tokyo. The brief was to create an open-house package for prospective clients, including a folder holding business cards, floorplans, brochure, and a 3D package giveaway. The concept is "THE ART OF IMPERFECTION," rooted in the japanese philosophical concept of "wabi sabi." It is about the acceptance of the imperfections, offering not just the wabi-sabi aesthetic of raw and unrefined materials for the apartment and it's amenities, but BASE offers a lifestyle to go along with it. 

  • The design of the brochure embodies the idea of imperfections, and being unrefined. The layout and composition is very fragmented, with imagery of closeups details in nature, such as the imperfections of wood grain, the cross-section of plants, the decaying leaves, all of which are overlaid with text. Everything is meant to look almost like an unfinished version of the brochure. The sections of text are spread out asymmetrically across each page, though nothing seems to have it's own place, it is imperfectly perfectly balanced. 

    The pages of the paper are printed on cream colored Mohawk paper, and the cover and end page is printed on Canson drawing paper that has more of an unrefined watercolor texture, and everything is bound using exposed Japanese binding, again to reinforce the unfinished imperfect feel. Below is the full brochure.

    All photos of the wabi-sabi apartment amenities was from the Wabi Sabi Apartment by Sergey Makhno, and photographs were taken by Andre Avdeenko.

  • The giveaway is a small bonsai tree that I repotted in a cement square pot and distressed using a chisel and screwdriver to add the "wabi sabi" imperfect aesthetic to it. The fourth section of the brochure talks about the rooftop bonsai garden that each apartment features, and the art of bonsai and how its aesthetics and growth are based off the wabi sabi philosophy. 

    The packaging for it needed to be something that could support it's weight, and features a handle for easy carrying. The circle die cut allows some of the bonsai leaves to peak through. Matte sticker labels have the care instructions, a description of bonsai plants, as well as the care instructions are carefully placed around the package. 

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