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  • Mera is a healthy snack and beverage alternative inspired by ancient Ayurvedic principles for the health and luxury seeking consumers. We created a range for each Ayurvedic body types and linked focusing on maintaining a physically and emotionally balanced state with fruits, vegetables, legumes and herbs.
  • After analyzing the Ayurvedic medicinal systems, we experimented with different ingredients and created our own recipes. To respect the philosophy of food is consumed as a powerful medicine, we tried to develop the right flavor profiles, colors, shapes and textures in an interesting but balanced way. Afterwards we created the snacks and drinks combinations with the finest texture and the most sophisticated taste for each body types.
  • The range consists of┬áthree color coded snack and beverage combinations. The Vata kit, meant for nourishment and a quick boost of energy, is the pink themed combo, with chips made out of a variety of berries, dates and chia seeds that are also a great nutritional supplement for women's health. The drink is a rosemary tea with a hint of tamarind. The Pitta kit is meant for people who wish to get a quick immunity boost and at the same time lower their internal body heat. With ingredients like fennel and turmeric, the Pitta chips have unique anti - inflammatory properties . The Kapha kit is for those with a cold constitution and are extremely susceptible to sudden mood swings. The spinach chips are uniquely garlicky and spicy whereas the apple ginger lavender tea gives an amazing calming and invigorating feeling.
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    Elodie Nip
    Geetika Shetty
    Hazal Benli
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