The revolution for a well-designed life is knowing yourself. As Aristotle said “knowing your- self is the beginning of all wisdom.” self-revolution and fulfillment come from knowing who we are and who we want be. We can’t experience joy and connection without knowing our- selves. We only develop intimacy when we know our authentic selves and have the confidence to share it with others.
    A deep and confident self-awareness comes from within, from a regular process of self-re- flection. Through reflection, we begin to recognize our thoughts and emotions and under- stand what drives us. but reflection isn’t easy. it involves dedication to awareness and knowing what to do when left alone with your thoughts. It also requires ignoring the alluring call of technology and a culture that glorifies busyness.
    I try to convey this concept through a poem by Christy Ann Martine. The poem is an appeal to empower self-caring and independent young women to know themselves and discover their purpose through a daily practice of self-reflection.
    "When your world moves too fast
    and you lose yourself in the chaos,
    introduce yourself
    to each color of the sunset. 
    Reacquaint yourself with the earth
    beneath your feet. 
    Thank the air that surrounds you
    with every breath you take.
    Find yourself in the appreciation of life."

    -Christy Ann Martine