GRDS205 | Typography

  • GRDS205  |  Typography
  • For this typography class, we worked on two major projects. The first one was to create a set of postcards (3) based on the typography found on an assigned town in Atlanta, Georgia. The second project was to create two posters of the same quote. 
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    Project 1 : Neighborhood Postcard

    Candler Park, Atlanta GA

    Home of the original Flying Biscuit Cafe and Dr. Bombay Underwater Tea Party, Candler Park is a hip neighborhood contrasted by its Victorian era and English Tudor Houses and bungalows.

    Located east of Downtown Atlanta, its spacious green areas are perfect for recreational activities, such as swimming, golfing, and biking. The neighborhood is tied together by strong community in a family friendly environment. Every year, the town hosts Candler Park Fall Festival and Midsummer Music Fest.
  • ^ Final postcards of Candler Park.
    My concept was to focus on its architecture by illustrating a bungalow, Victorian Era house, and a English Tudor house.
  • ^ Initial sketches of each postcard done in Procreate on the iPad Pro. 
    I wanted to make the postcards illustration based, which is why the illustration takes up the majority of the space. I left the margins blank because in my mind I wanted to add the text and information in this area.
  • ^ These are some variations of my first cleaned up version of the postcard.

  • ^ Second version. 
    I decided to maximize the space of the post card with the illustration and placed the type over it. 
    In the final version, I played a bit more with the composition of the type.
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    Project 2 : Poster of a quote

    "You have to be odd to be number one" — Dr. Seuss