SITE is an organization that brings together higher education and technology. For the past 29 years they have held an annual conference to offer workshops, talks, and networking opportunities between the two fields.

    I re-branded SITE as an organization and created conference materials, promotional items, and marketing deliverables for SITE's 2019 conference in Las Vegas.

    The conference materials are given to the guests on their first day. Provided to guide them successfully through the conference, included is a program, schedule, lanyard, map, and some goodies.

    The type treatment is near experimental – breaking traditional layouts and occasionally becoming more visually interesting than informative. A string grid keeps it orderly and cohesive as well as a simple color scheme.

    Posters and banners were made to market the conference, draw attention to it, mark it's location, and to be saved as take-aways for the guests attending the conference.

  • LOGO
    SITE’s old logo looks outdated. An organization affilizated with technology and education should have a brand that looks relevant and aware, and that is strong enough to represent an organization in their other ventures and resources.