• Digital Illustrations
    Painted in Photoshop.
  • Grease Movie Poster llustration in homage to Coles Phillips' "fade-away girl"
    Made with colored pencils on pastel paper. Black background filled in digitally with Photoshop.
  • Illustration of the Titan Atlas in homage to Frank Frazetta
    Digital illustration painted in Photoshop.
  • Christmas Parade Poster Illustration in homage to Haddon Sundblom
    Digital illustration painted in Photoshop.
  • Yoga Editorial Illustration in homage to Lorraine Fox
    Digital illustration painted in Photoshop.
  • Book Cover for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis
    For this project, the goal was to research a historical illustrator and make a piece based off their subject matter, medium, technique, etc. I chose N.C. Wyeth because of his layering of vivid colors, storytelling ability, and fantastical elements. This to me all fit within C. S. Lewis' world of Narnia. The final illustration was done in Photoshop. 

  • Carolus Project
  • Character Design 
    I knew from the beginning of this project that I wanted to render my characters realistically. So I began researching and sketching people from different eras. I went through dozens of ideas, but finally settled on this ghostly family. While developing the characters I decided each ghost would have been murdered by the older woman with an ax and each victim received a more ghastly injury then the prior. Final drawings were made digitally in Photoshop.
  • Advertisement Campaign 
    We had to choose an event or product to advertise. I decided to advertise the famous horse race that takes place in Louisville, Kentucky around this time every year. Many posters have been created for the race and the festival (which takes place over the course of the two weeks before the race) over the years, but they share common themes. I wanted to reflect those themes in my posters but still allow my designs to be distinguishable. To do this I decided that the overall posters should be rendered more simply so that it was a mix between fine art and graphics. The final results were created in Adobe Photoshop. 
  • Children's Book Illustration
    For this project, we had to choose a limerick by Edward Lear and illustrate the scene. Our only restriction was to keep the drawing black and white. I went through several of his limericks before settling on this one. For some reason after reading it a few times I was reminded of the story of the Pied Piper and ultimately that was the direction I took to further develop the characters and create alternate designs. The final version was created with ink washes and pens. 
  • Editorial Illustration
    The goal of this project was to make a cover for The New Yorker magazine which is renown for featuring illustrated covers. I chose to go for a spring and Easter theme and combined some commercial and nature symbols to achieve that theme. The final cover was drawn and painted in Adobe Photoshop.