Two-sided Desk Organization

  • NUVA Collection
    Two-sided desk organization

  • Feature demonstration of two-side organization compartments

  • NUVA collection is designed to be the most suitable desk storage solution for any type of modern workplaces, and makes organization stylish and enjoyable.

  • NUVA.1 File box
    Rotatable design creates two ways to store magazines or notebooks on desks, and It's super slim!

  • NUVA.2 Accessory box 
    One tray to keep letters and office stuffs organized at the same time, and It's stackable!

  • NUVA.3 Accessory tray
    Special tilted angles on base make collecting office accessories easier, and It's flippable!

  • NUVA.4  Pencil box with small item tray
    A pencil box provides various compartments for contrast size items, and It's multiple!

  • NUVA is an extensible desk organization that allows users to create their own combinations by moods and purposes.

  • Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more projects