What's the Deal With Staring? | Animation

  • Concept

    The idea of this infographic is to show a silly exploration of something so natural like staring. It will be created as a slideshow demonstrating pieces of everyday life activities that involve staring. The approach will be to recreate the style similar to the old silent films where the scenes were cut by intertitles. The overall tone and mood will be humorous and playful. Lastly, the style will be illustrative, supported by retro colors and typography.
  • Key Facts

    People don’t like to be stared at.
    The gaze is powerful.
    Humans constantly characterize things.
    When something is slightly off, the brain stays on that gaze a little longer.
    Difference between human eyes and animal eyes. The pupil is smaller. It is easier to tell where someone is looking at.
    Physical effect when being stared at Using the stare to ask for help.
  • Storyboard
  • Style frames
  • Titles