Style Frames for Poem - You are Not Ugly

  • Creative Objective

    To create style frames and an animatic based on an audio track. To demonstrate context with abstract illustrative animation. To encourage people to accept their imperfection and try to be a better person.


    Inferiority always comes from over analyses your imperfection. Instead of relying on other people to encourage you, it is more important to accept the way you are and to appreciate your imperfection.
    I want to illustrate a story about one “ugly” character looking at himself in the mirror and then get comforted and encouraged by his “ugly” reflection. Later he embraced his imperfection and become happier and more confident.

    Message take out

    To accept imperfection, be confident and focus more on capability and personality instead of just appearance.


    You keep telling yourself that you are ugly.
    Every time you look in the mirror,You don’t like what you see.
    Over analyzing every single part of yourself.
    Destroying your self-esteem.
    I wish I can tell you that you are perfect,
    Just by being you.
    And I will tell you that every single day until you start to believe it too.
    I hope one day you can look at yourself in the mirror,
    And feel confident and happy.
    Cause you understand that you got more to offer the world than simply being pretty.