LaureLive promotional video

  • Objective¬†

    LaureLive is a family friendly music festival mainly focuses on folk music. The aesthetic style of the promotion video should suit the audience age group and the tone of the genre of music present at the festival. The objectives of this video were to promote LaureLive Music Festival, to announce the location and time, to highlight the musical genre, to demonstrate the atmosphere of the concerts, and to encourage people to attend. I also considered this project as a chance for me to apply my illustration skills to a client focused project. 


    To match with the branding concept of Laurel School and LaureLive music festival, I decided to use the main colors on their websites and create illustrative animation clips of musicians playing instruments. The illustration style was children-friendly; because the majority of the audience were students and their families. The transitions were smooth and simple to match with the aesthetic preference of the main audience.