Engagement Ring

  • An acquaintance asked me to make her engagement ring for her, and this is what we came up with.
  • We started in CAD and designed the ring to come to an agreement on the design.  This is the rendering we agreed on.  I then printed the model from the CAD file to cast the ring. 
  • The 3D print right out of the printer.  The purple is support material and the blue is model material.  
  • This is the printed model after the support has been removed and it has been sprued and ready for investment.
  • We decided to cast in 18k gold.  This is 11 pennyweights of gold that was needed for the casting. 
  • This is the ring just after casting.
  • And this is the finished ring.  1-1carat diamond.  10-1.7mm diamonds, 14-1.3 mm diamonds and 2-2mm black diamonds set in 18k gold. 
  • Another view of the finished ring,