• Invisibilia, NPR's radio program and podcast that fuses storytelling with science, came to us with their very first animation assignment. The story of a woman who's hand has a mind of its own. We paired the unpredictability of Karen's experience with an unpredictable visual style.
    Client: NPR | Invisibiliax
    Directed by Giant Ant
    Producer: Teresa Toews
    Creative Direction: Jay Grandin
    Storyboard: Sitji Chou
    Art Direction: Rafael Mayani
    Illustration: Rafael Mayani, Marion Bordeyne, Sitji Chou
    Animation: Diego Maclean, Sitji Chou, Conor Whelan, Whitney Lam, 
    Clean up: Marion Bordeyne, Whitney Lam, Diego Maclean, Sitji Chou, Conor Whelan