Jelly Takeover Micro-site

  • Jelly Takeover Micro-site
  • Jelly Takeover is an educational website for children between the ages of 8 to 13 to learn about jellyfish and their unique "superpowers".
  • The parallax micro-site includes jellyfish facts about 12 types of jellyfish species and facts and myths about jellyfish in general. You can navigate throughout the site with a side navigation bar that are white dots located on each page. Each page includes title of the part of the ocean of where the jellyfish will typically be found.
  • The art aspects of the micro-site are illustrations that appeal to the young audience of elementary and middle school kids.

    Bold, bright colors
    Thick stroke
    Cartoon-like style
  • Ocean Background
  • Jelly Fish Reference
  • Jelly Fish Illustrations
  • The typeface is easy to read and the color palette complements the color of the ocean: orange and blue.
  • Jelly Fish Facts
  • Animations mimic natural movement of objects in the water.