Double Durango Farm Website Implementation

  • Double Durango Farm
     Website Implementation
  • Double Durango Farm is located in Loganville, Georgia, and is home to various animals from horses to fish. The farm's large focus is on goats.
  • Home Page
  • Redesigned Website
    Designed by Cali Pareja; Implemented by Jasmine Miller
  • Original Website
  • credit: Double Durango Farm
  • On their website, there are numerous tabs that relate to appropriate topics such as animal adoption or farms, but there are also tabs that have nothing to do with animals what so ever such as Audi Garage, which displays Audi cars for sale, and Music Recordings. To solve this problem, Cali Pareja designed the updated website into categories focused on goats and goat adoption. She divided the sections into the following pages with the functions:
    Home: Brief description about Double Durango
    How It Works: Services at Double Durango
    Meet the Goats: View goats that are up for adoption
    Get Involved: How to contribute to Double Durango through volunteering or donation
    Contact: contact page for Double Durango for clients who are interested in the farm's services

    The website also includes a new color palette of primary colors: red, yellow, and blue (referenced from the logo) and soft colors. The typefaces, Montserrat for the headers and Hind for the body, are easy for anyone to read whether young or old.
  • How It Works Page
  • Meet the Goats Page
  • Get Involved Page
  • Contact Page