Honeywell Air Genius 6 Air Purifier

  • I managed the industrial design, app development and project management for of this product and user interface with P9 Design as a Global Design Manager for Helen of Troy.

    The product was designed with a unique user interface that features a curved touch screen display that can control and monitor the air quality in your home. The built in air quality sensor lets users know that status of their air through an intuitive display. The user experience of the product was carefully refined through many rounds of user testing and focus groups. 
  • Final layout of the app. The app was designed to work with an existing air purifier and needed to cohesively integrate into the app. The workflows for the existing app and new app were merged to create a new user experience which was improved through extensive user testing and research.
  • Initial brainstorming of the product and app. 
  • We further refined and tested the app workflow and features with focus groups to ensure a seamless integration with product and app.
  • If an effort to maintain the original design intent, we utilized new processes and materials for the company to get a curved glasslike appearance for the user interface. We tested many different levels of tinting and refined the prototypes to minimize light bleed and improve the cosmetic quality of the interface.
  • Final workflow which was finalized after several rounds of user research and aggregation which improved the user experience.
  • The unique UI of the product has a touch screen interface on a curved piece of polycarbonate. The lens was tinted and formed using an IMD/IML process with touch capacitive controls.