• * Developed as a design challenge with co-workers *
    내가 일하는 스튜디오 동료들과 디자인 첼린지하다가 만들어진 작품

    Lytro Lüm – is a personal entry level camera. The design inspiration is driven by clean, soft, and approachable forms. A 3D glass display on the back gives users a clear and crisp view of their photos.
    Lytro Lüm – will also allow some filter editing and instant upload to social media.

  • Lytro Lüm – uses clean and crisp pill and circular shapes to achieve a clean and contemporary look but also uses soft surface transitions for an overall approachable device.
    Lytro Lüm - also achieves it's contemporary look through a mixture of CMF options like an eggshell white finishes and contained dark grey accent areas.  

  • ​​​​​​​
    Lytro Lüm – will connect and transfer data through either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
    Lytro Lüm – also has wireless charging capabilities  

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