• This video for James Vincent McMorrow’s ‘National’, revolves around a man and a car, which serves as a container for various moments that present the character’s insecurity and loneliness, but also love. The car is a claustrophobic room and a vast space—a shield against the world outside, and the perfect spot to listen to music in the rain. Everything about the song, from the stripped-back instrumentation to the raw vocal, is incredibly moving and personal. We wanted to compliment this with a similarly emotive video that tells a story of unrequited love, interiority, and the complicated feelings that surround painful but treasured memories.

    Directed by Giant Ant
    Producer: Cory Philpott
    Creative Direction: Rafael Mayani, Jay Grandin
    Treatment & Storyboard: Rafael Mayani, Jay Grandin, Conor Whelan
    Art Direction: Rafael Mayani
    Illustration: Rafael Mayani, Marion Bordeyne, Whitney Lam
    Character Animation: Chris Anderson, Diego Maclean, Sijti Chou, Conor Whelan, Matt James, Taylor Peters, Whitney Lam
    Animation & Compositing Lead: Matt James
    2D Animation & Compositing: Matt James, Shawn Hight, Taylor Paters, Conor Whelan, Diego Maclean
    3D Animation: Matt James, Shawn Hight, Taylor Peters
    3D Modelling: Shawn Hight
    Additional 3D Modelling: Taylor Peters
    Song: National by James Vincent McMorrow