Dr Pepper Museum Membership Brochure

  •      The following is a project done for my Fundamentals of Typography class.  The assignment was to create an 8 page brochure that promoted membership to a museum of our choice.  I chose to do the Dr Pepper Museum in Waco, Texas.  I visited this museum when I was a child and I participated in a program there where I experienced what it was like to make an entire marketing campaign.  Needless to say, this experience impacted me more than I realized then, as I am now studying advertising at school. 
         My approach to this brochure was drawn from learning more about not only the museum, but its connection with local community.  Dr Pepper was founded in Waco, and there is a sense of town pride associated with that.  My goal with this brochure was to encourage residents of Waco and surrounding towns as well as avid Dr Pepper fans that this museum was more like a family that they could be a part of. 
  • Dr Pepper runs in the family.
  • 23 flavors deep in Waco history.

    Dr Pepper has been a part of Waco for over a century. It’s rooted in local culture and traditions. Dr Pepper has created more than just a historical presence in Waco; it has created a family all over the world. If you love Dr Pepper and you love Waco, you can be a part of this family. Joining the Dr Pepper family adds you to a part of Waco’s history. It also helps keep the tradition alive for generations to come. We call family members “Pepper Partners” here at the museum. Pepper Partners are elite members of the Dr Pepper fan base who help keep this unique aspect of Waco history fresh in the mind of society.
  • A family tradition that doesn't go flat.

    As a part of the family, we want you there when we have special events or open a new exhibit. Your personal invitation will come in the mail alerting you to events at the museum. We also want you to be a part of our annual members meeting where we celebrate you and discuss the future of the museum.
  • It's like being the favorite sibling.

    As a Pepper Partner, you will enjoy free admission to every exhibit at the museum. Come in any time you want during museum hours to expand your Dr Pepper knowledge and visit your Pepper Partner family. Members also receive a 15% discount at our soda fountain and gift shop.
    Membership Plans
    Individual: $30 a year
    Family: $45 a year
    Corporate: $100 a year
  • Join the family.

    Dr Pepper Museum and Free Enterprise Institute
    300 South 5th Street
    Waco, TX 76701