Peach Slices 10-step Korean Skincare Kit

  • Peach Slices Drugstore 10-Step Korean Skincare Kit
  • Peach Slices is the drugstore brain-child for luxury Korean skincare line, Peach and Lily.  Peach and Lily are known for their Korean skincare kits, but they are quite expensive for those who have a drugstore budget that are skincare lovers.
  • The concept of the project is to create promotional packaging for a brand with a media convergence. The box would consist of the 10 items/steps that are involved in the Korean skincare routine. Each box is labeled with the name of the product along with the appropriate time to use the product (either day or night or both).
  • The media convergence piece to the packaging is the QR Scan that the buyer can learn more about the products such as ingredients and tutorials about the proper way to use the products, tips for the best results, etc. 
  • The pattern inspiration for the skincare kit packaging revolved around the Hydrate mask from the actual line that can be purchased at participating CVS stores. The pattern created by Jessica Wong. The pattern has eye-catching colors that will stand out from other skincare products on the shelves.
  • credit: Jessica Wong
  • Recognized by Peach Slices on Instagram