The story of light

  • Secret Cathedral

    This concept art works are for my private animated short film 'Thread'. I digitally paint photo-realistic people, interiors, and exterior environments. This part of my drawing style could create works by creating creatures and places that could not have been otherwise created or visited. This is the moment which is blurred in Anabella’s memory. Her mother, Isabelle, only remembers the sadness of this moment. The luxury and richness of her life were taken when they took her most precious daughter. Isabelle has been trapped in the situation made by the power and greed of others. Anywhere there are people who have power and ability to get what they want. Can nobody stop them? We will see. Anabella’s story is to be continued.

  • Fugitive from truth

     This is one of the concept artworks for my private work ‘Thread’. The story is about hiding the truth. I focused on creating a calm mood within magnificent views. However, I desired that it doesn't look beautiful. This drawing illustrates not only a nervous moment but also shows the undeniable power of something. The fugitives are shown blurred by the fog of the city. The role of this scene is to evoke curiosity about the story ‘Thread’ in audiences.