Combos: LINNER vs. DUNCH

  • Target: 13-18 year old middle-high school kids
    Strategy: Position Combos as an in-between meal, between lunch and dinner when a lot of after school snacking occurs.
    Platform: Linner vs Dunch
  • PRINT:
  • THECOMBOMEAL.COM is at the center of a campaign that not only invites the consumer to interact with it, but ultimately allows the target to voice an opinion. As the online video suggests, the “debate” at hand is trivial, but something fun that people really enjoy taking part in. The creative responses that were received in a mere hour showed a certain extendibility that would transition well to web and social media.

    As such, Twitter accounts were created for both @teamlinner and @teamdunch, giving the consumer the opportunity to communicate with the TV spot’s stars. Furthermore, the people are encouraged to Tweet with #teamlinner and #teamdunch to allow their statements to be seen in a real-time live feed of the aforementioned hashtags, all on the website homepage.

    In order to cast a vote for the desired side, one simply clicks the “Follow” button at the top of the page, which then follows the selected side’s Twitter account. The number of votes at the top of the page is coded to display each account’s number of followers. (At the present time, they’re linked to Sarah Palin and Jersey Shore’s “The Situation”. Can you guess which is which?)

    Finally, people will be able to submit videos wherein they state their case for either side, much like those seen in the online video. Clicking the “voter videos” link would allow you to peruse and watch the submissions for the appropriate side. The “newsroom” is where you find updates and videos from the tv spot actors themselves, who act as representatives of linner and dunch.

    NOTE: The domain is actually a working link. However, to avoid any legal issues that may arise with using the Combos logo and brand name, we have omitted any reference to the brand itself on the site.
  • 30-sec TV COMMERCIAL: