Orville Redenbacher Spot

  • A collaborative project with the wonderfully talented Jade Stickle (http://jadestickle.prosite.com) as a side project during the last few weeks. To quote her:

    I was inspired by a past trip to Ohio, where there are tons of fireflies hovering around vast fields at night. I thought to myself what if these "lightning bugs" actually struck an ear of corn and the whole field popped? I imagined this and immediately wanted to make a piece for it. I feel that I don't do commercial work that often, and thought that this was perfect for a popcorn commercial.
    I was responsible for modeling, texturing, lighting and 3d Animation as well as 2d Comping and particle work.
    Character Design, logo resolve, 2d animation and concept/idea were handled by Jade Stickle

    Check out the vimeo link for music credits!