Hunger in America Exhibit Design

  • Description
    The SCAD Museum is hosting an exhibition of your favorite artist, designer, historical/modern figure, social issue, object or topic. It is your job to design the Identity and Graphic standards for the exhibit as well as the Environmental and Exhibition Graphics.

    Hunger in American is a major issue. There are hundreds of thousands of households who do not know where their next meal will come from. Although related, food insecurity and poverty are not the same. Unemployment rather than poverty is a stronger predictor of food insecurity. Food insecurity does not just happen to people below the poverty level.

    Food insecurity can happen to anyone; Hunger has no boundaries. Everyone has a story to tell and an interesting one at that. Rather than focusing on the statistics, which are readily available to everyone I am focusing on the real stories of real people who have been affected. The title of the exhibiton is Personal Stories Hunger in America.
  • We started out working flat and made each wall completely before rendering it into 3D. This is the identity wall for the exhibition featuring families who have dealt with food insecurity and hunger. 
  • The identity wall into the exhibit
  • This is the biography wall for the exhibition. It gives a brief idea for what the exhibit is about and a little more information on hunger rather than the standard statistics. 
  • This is the biography wall to the exhibit. 
  • I really wanted to show the families as ordinary people. Anyone can experience food insecurity therefore I decided to blow the family portrait up. 
  • This was to show the information text for the pieces that were showcased in the exhibit. 
  • Thank you for viewing!