Tribute 17 Ft runabout

  • The Driften Tribute 17 foot runabout was designed to be an affordable introduction into the boating lifestyle. We wanted to develop a fully functional boat that would be lots of fun on the water but would not sacrifice aesthetic for cost. So we removed all the ‘bells and whistles’ leaving only the essentials and made a beautiful, affordable, and functional boat. We stripped the dashboard of dials and only left a fuel gauge and speedometer in RPM's. It can be your family's weekend runabout or a functional yacht tender.

    The concept behind Driften boats is to provide a service to the boat owner thus removing all the hassles of owning a boat like: clean up, maintenance, and docking. The owner only has fun with their boat and when they are not on the water, the vessel is rented out to other Driften users to keep it maintained and running properly. This way owning a boat does not cost you money but rather makes you money from rental hours.

    We are currently looking for investors to build the first dozen vessels. PM for details regarding a build project.
    More coming soon…