Night, Night

  • Photography documents stories by making images. Either true stories or imaginary ones, they both make people think. The way I make images is to leave people with wide space of imagination. They could be true or pure fictional, all depend on the viewers’ perspectives, imagination and creativity.
    ‘Goodnight, Good night’ is inspired by weird scenarios in dreams. Someone sees them as nightmares but what I see is the beauty of dreams. Dreams are so mysterious and anything is possible with limitless imagination. The surprise factor will always get you. In the series, three stories are connected by three different personalities, the Panda, the Unicorn and the Rabbit. 
    The photos are taken at outdoor settings at night to create a dangerous and mysterious feeling. The uses of artificial lights help create a dramatic and cinematic effect. The emptiness of the streets suggest a staged-surreal environment where matches the topic. The corners are burnt to create a strong spotlight on the personalities, which makes the scenarios weird and awkward.