Strange Wonders: Vol. 2

  • The second edition of “Strange Wonders" is a collaboration between Msheireb Properties and VCUQatar. The title of the exhibition is based on a direct quotation from one of the original Qatari oil pioneers, Thamir Muftah.
    "Thamir spent his youth at sea with the pearl-fishing fleet… [and] was one of many young Qataris who began working with the Company. Starting as a coolie within the store, he was transferred to the harbor, where he carried heavy goods from the boats to lorries and warehouses. Muftah recalled that 'we were seeing so many things of the like of which we had never even imagined. Colored tins, pineapples, pears, oranges, all kinds of strange wonders."
     This exhibition is not only inspired by the past’s innovation and the inspiring transformation of Qatar itself, it is inspired by the participating multidisciplinary VCUQatar artists that infuse the past, present and the future.

    Art Direction
    Sara Shaaban
    Moza Khalifa Al-Suwaidi

    Photography of Exhibited Work
    Leila Natsheh

    Photography of Print Material
    Leila Natsheh
    Event Photography
    Raviv Cohen