Howl's Moving Castle

  • This is the finished Howl's Moving Castle artwork. I used a micron pen to draw the lines, watercolor, glue, markers, aging and cracking varnish and acrylics to correct small mistakes. It was very experimental and extremely fun to make.

    Here you can see some images of the painting process:
  • The first step: I drew the lines using a micron pen. I removed the grass afterwards using white acrylic because I didn't like it. I didn't know what I wanted to do with it at this point.
  • Middle step: I added layers of watercolor and marker details. I was terrified to continue adding the varnishes, because I thought they would ruin it.
  • Last step: I added the varnishes, but before I did that, I used liquid glue, acrylic to hide mistakes and I added the next layers of watercolor and markers. I had so much fun painting this one. 
    Thank you for coming to see my drawings! :]
  • Oct 31, 2013. Here is the sketch for a companion piece that I am making. Spirited Away is also one of my favorite movies so I wanted to do another poster using the same technique and look. Not finished yet! very fun to make.