"Hoots, Claws and Feathers" Board Game

  • Hoots, Claws and Feathers

    Owl gangs battle to take ownership of The Great Tree. Take control of a gang and fight your friends in this 3 player territory war!

  • About this project

    Three Owl Gangs: The Hoots, the Claws and the Feathers face off and fight to take ownership of The Great Tree. Take control of a gang and fight your friends in this territory war to show which Owl has the most power!
    Out in the wild, the Great Horned Owl "Hoots", the Eastern Screech Owl "Claws" and the Barn Owl "Feathers" have come across a conundrum: they all want the same tree to be their territory. As a 3 player game, each player takes up their Owl and quest to claim the tree as their own. Each Owl will call upon their recruits as back-up, sending them on missions to start taking over the tree 3 loyal recruits at a time. After all if an entire area of the tree is filled with their recruits, the tree is as good as theirs! It won't be easy though, as sabotage is afoot and these feathered flyers are willing to push and shove each other to get their way - sometimes off of the tree entirely ! Even so, alliances will be made, and the owl in the lead best beware.
    However every successful mission and claim is rewarded, and the smarter these owls play the faster they'll have the tree as their own!

    For a task like this, you need the proper equipment. Here's what it looks like! 
    The Owls and the Tokens!
  • Three types, one type to match each owl! 
    The tokens are your recruits that you send off to battle on the tree, and the Owls are there to mark officially claimed territory when your recruits have been successful in securing an area! 

    Character Cards! 
  •  You pick these to choose the Owl you'll support, as well as defining the player order! Hoots goes first, with 1 recruit draw on the first turn, Claws goes second with 2 recruits and Feathers goes third with 3 recruits. The game goes on from there with each player drawing 3 recruits at the start of every turn !

    Recruit Cards!
  •  You need these owls to complete missions! Your recruits are:
    The Predator, the Hoarder, the Scout and the Parliament! 
    The Parliament cards are your wild cards, since these groups of recruits offer actions (such as sabotage!) OR they can stand in for any missing recruit on a mission! 

    Mission cards!
  •  You need to claim missions to send recruits and place tokens on the board! The cards show which recruits are needed. Mission cards are color coded, so the color of the mission completed will define where the recruits are allowed to go! After every success, rewards are given! 

    Upgrade cards!
  •  When you have placed an Owl on the board, some areas grant player upgrades as rewards! Upgrades are really valuable, and give recruits awesome boosts! Competition beware! 
  •  Every player starts off with their Character card, Owls, Tokens, 3 Mission cards and 5 recruits! 


    Let's go through how a first turn would play out! 

    1. The Hoots will be the first player to go!

    2. Since it's the first turn, draw 1 recruit card. You'll now have 6 cards in your hand. Hide these cards from your opponents!

    3. Look to your mission cards. Check if you have the recruits needed to complete a mission. If you do, discard the recruit cards and claim and keep the mission card! 

    4. You now have three recruit tokens to place on the board. Remember to place the tokens on the same colored feathers as the mission you completed! Claim the mission reward.

    5. Play any Parliament cards you wish to use. It's now The Claws player turn!
  • How to Win!

    When all feathers in an area are occupied by recruits, you place an Owl to officially own the area and claim the reward! 
    The player that has placed the most owls by the end of the game wins!
  • The game ends when either:
    1. The board has filled up and there are no more possible moves
    2. The mission cards have run out!

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    Risks and challenges

    With the project already completed, the main risks are production related, which is normal! However, we will do our best to overcome any production or shipping hiccups in as timely a manner as possible!