• House 15A
  • 15A is the outcome of the hard work, determination and foresight of the visionary Mohammad Yaqoob Butt, my late grandfather, a well known and established businessman of his time. His journey as a businessman took flight in the early 50’s, by establishing car trading as his first business. Expanding his horizons by entering into the real estate industry and transportation, all his subsequent enterprises and endeavors proved to be highly successful.

    Mohammad Yaqoob was not only a successful businessperson but also the epitome of an ideal family man. A great husband and a father who made sure that his family was provided with the best of the world. Although I could never meet him and have only heard about the great person he was, I believe that he stands as the inspiration and motivation behind the multiple business ventures that my family has been undertaking.

    “He’d touch stones to gold…”– quotes my grandmother while describing him through the words of his associates.

    The name 15A is derived from our familial house address that he built back in the days. The place stayed inhabited by our family for years while it remains as our ancestral home and the symbol of his name today. 15A marks the inexplicable and strong sense of belonging and attachment for the whole family till date. 

    Taking my grandfather’s legacy forward, fellows from my family have partnered as business associates for over the past many years and with my mother having had a career as a makeup artist, we now proudly welcome our latest venture as a salon & spa.

    When it came to naming our new spa facility that had to encompass all professional perimeters yet maintain the feel like home experience, I could only think of something as original as what I feel connected to the most, my favorite place, home, 15A! 
    The force behind 15A is what now translates as the brand’s identity. My grand father Mohammad Yaqoob, whose personality traits as an individual and a businessperson have been so passionately employed in the brand and its identity!

    Integrating function with vision and experience with connection, this is 15A. Make everyday a weekend!