KFC - Limited Edition Golden Butter Corn Chicken

  • KFC's Chinese New Year Campaign, Hong Kong
    A character design project was conducted during my internship at Ogilvy & Mather, Hong Kong, I was responsible for the illustrations. A chicken mascot was created for the campaign, adopted for commercial use, such as the mobile gameplay 'Golden Fortune Bucket' integrated with the bucket, promotional materials, social media and other collaterals. 
  • The character is designed initially designed for the mobile gameplay integrated with the 'Golden Fortune Bucket', creating an innovative and interactive experience for the consumers. Different life stages of the characters are designed, as well as for various activities and events for future uses, including backgrounds and objects for other purposes.
    Creative Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Hong Kong
    Chief Creative Officer: Reed Collins 
    Creative Director: John Koay Creative Director: Matt Nisbet 
    Creative Director: Roy Yung Associate 
    Creative Director: Kitty Tang 
    Associate Creative Director: Kai Fung Chan Associate
    Creative Director: Spring Liu 
    Art Director: Elaine Li 
    Illustrator: Florence Chan 
    Head of Creative Technology: Craig Mason 
    Senior Web Developer: Leslie Cheung 
    Web Developer: Dick Tang 
    Web Designer: Kevin Chan 
    Digital Producer: Paulina Pang 
    Business Partner: Penny Chow 
    Associate Account Director: Sincere Ng 
    Account Manager: Parkus Lee Senior 
    Strategist: Angus Chow Associate 
    Strategist: Chloe Yung 
    Senior Producer: Jacqueline Ho 
    Producer: Virginia Tse 
    Broadcast Assistant: Tammy Lau