ROBBOX Precision Cutter (Mini Miter Saw/Chop Saw)

  • Precision Cutter with Digital Measuring System

    ROBBOX Precision Cutter is a lightweight and mobile cutter/saw sporting a 10" by 10" machined aluminum rotating base and a 5" cutting disc, designed and engineered to make precise cuts with materials such as wood and metal. ROBBOX Precision Cutter uses a built-in digital calipers to measure materials before each cut.

     - Concept Design Stage -
  • Proof of concept prototype - Created by client - Courtesy of ROBBOX Inc.
  • Sketch explorations
    Components breakdown, basic architecture, assembly methods, and rotating base locking mechanism.
  • Sketching over CAD 
    Exploring different ideas rapidly over blocked out CAD file imported from Solidworks to ProCreate App. 
  • An early version of CMF created for communication purposes before creating computer renderings.
  • Trigger and Speed Control
    Exploring different ideas for speed control and trigger
  • Internal Structure
    Creating internal structure to hold components and add strength to 3D printed prototype. Part internal ribs create a channel for the wires to be secured. 
  • Early version of ROBBOX Precision Cutter with rotating base
  • Evolution of Handle Design
    Changing the architecture of handle to improve ergonomics and visual aesthetics. 
  • Exploring options on micro-texture pattern for the palm rest area.
  • Early Vision Images
    Preliminary CAD renderings created to asses design direction.
  • Exploring options on the back arm, creating the proper interaction between plastic housing and torsion spring.
  • Evolution of Clamping Mechanism
    It started as a simple torque turn to tighten system to hold the clamp in place, but due to vibration the clamp changed to be a half-nut clamp with release mechanism for quick adjustment.
  • Preliminary CMF
     Designating colors, materials and finishes in order to create product renderings. 
  • Grand View of All Components
    Exploded views generated for prototyping purposes
  • Packaging Design Ideas
    Ideas for packaging using molded foam and printed graphics with the assumption that the product will be sold fully assembled. 
  • Approved Design Intent by Client - ROBBOX Inc.
  • ROBBOX Precision Cutter is currently undergoing final round of DFMA process. Revisions are expected.