Color Technique; Project 1 (Fall, 2012)

  • Objective Color

    All images were shot using a variety of 35mm film types, digitally scanned and edited, then printed using the RA-4 print service at 8.5" x 11".

    Project guidelines:

    "This project is about noticing and utilizing color as a visual characteristic of physical objects, and as a critical aspectof design, composition, visual perception, psychology, emotion, and other image attributes."

  •  I.  "Monochrome color with a small but significant spot of contrast."
  • II.  "Complementary colors (use the photo color wheel relationships: Red/Cyan, Green/Magenta, Blue/Yellow)."
  • III.  "Bright, rich, intense, saturated colors."
  • IV.  "Soft, quiet, muted, desaturated, pastel colors."
  •  ©  Ian Houser, 2012